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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professionals Share Few Crucial Tips

by Nellie Heaton
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The basic activity of getting the dirt out of a carpet is known by a number of different names which can easily make one confused. Few names that are commonly used in this context are hot water extraction, dry compound cleaning, carpet cleaning, dry steam cleaning, carpet shampooing and others. What is even worse is the fact these so many names are often used in incorrect way  and most of the times the mistake is committed deliberately to mislead customers. As a customer if you make use of a generic term like say steam cleaning, some lesser known carpet cleaning company will not hesitate to take advantage of that mistake although it is not any mistake on your part.

If in case you forget using the term “hot water extraction cleaning”, they may just apply a steam rush on your floor and that will definitely not yield the same results as hot water extraction cleaning. It is always a good idea to ask for a precise description of how they are going to clean your carpets whenever you seem to be encircled with clouds of confusion. This will tell you the exact type of cleaning that your carpets are likely to get.

In this age and time there are several ways of cleaning carpets; a method that is highly popular is the hot water extraction cleaning. Why is this cleaning procedure more popular? Well, the reason is obvious, unlike almost every other cleaning method this one gives a carpet that real deep clean that is required to get rid of not only dirt but also allergens, contaminants, dust mites and much more explain trained and skilled professionals who provide the service of commercial carpet cleaning in London over the years.

It is relevant to mention in this context that the best way to clean a carpet depends much on the type of a carpet that you are cleaning. The majority of carpets get thoroughly cleaned through the process of hot water extraction but there has to be a “but” or a brake somewhere! Carpets that are made from natural fibres like jute or sisal may get badly damaged when hot water extraction is applied to those. Carpets made of jute apparently look strong and heavy duty although in reality its fibres are quite delicate. It is important to note that the fibres of carpets made from jute should never be allowed to be saturated, else the carpets are likely to undergone irreversible damage and your plush décor items will never ever be the same again.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Of Carpets – What Is The Process About

The basic essence of hot water extraction cleaning can be best explained in the following words, water combined with a cleaning solution is pumped on to a carpet under high pressure. In the next step a vacuum machine with a powerful suction is used to extract the water. This extracted water with the cleaning solution mixed in it is deposited into a separate tank. The overall process gets repeated several times to provide a thoroughly cleaning. Now, let us see what happens in this procedure – the fibres of a carpet gets agitated when they come in contact with pressurised water along with cleansing solution mixed in it. As a result the dirt and debris from deep within the carpet get dislodged as the vacuum immediately draws the water as well as the lint and debris out of the fibres. Thus the carpet is left thoroughly clean and the mission accomplished.

The hot water extraction procedure proves effective in removing stubborn stains and ingrained dirt build-ups. Another crucial advantage that this cleaning method offers it leaves absolutely zero residues on your carpet. Moreover this procedure also removes even the foulest odours most effectively that you carpet may have absorbed over a course of time. Deep carpet cleaning is the surest means to get rid of mildew, various allergens, dust mites, fungi and a lot of other harmful, disease-causing contaminants from a carpet. A clean carpet always sums up to a healthier indoors.

Other Carpet Cleaning Methods

In the following section of the post let us explore few other methods to clean a carpet that are also popular.

Steam Cleaning Of Carpets

This method produces a mist of steam on a carpet while cleaning to loosen up the dirt explains a professional who provides the service of commercial carpet cleaning near me in London. The problem with carpets is because of their soft surface wiping off dirt build-ups is never easy. Steam carpet cleaning is effective for hard surfaces and is ideal for carpets that are soiled lightly but it fails providing the same level of thorough cleaning as hot water extraction cleaning method. Therefore it is obvious that when one is paying for full hot water extraction cleaning, there is no point ending up with a light stream.

Dry Cleaning Of Carpets

Dry cleaning of carpets is also quite popular and the procedure involves application of specialist powder on to a carpet which is followed by agitating the fibres. The powder particles absorb the dirt and the dust and then the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly to get rid of the dirt, dust and the powder. This process proves effective when you do not have much time to spare and leaves your carpet clean and fresh. In fact this method of cleaning carpets is common in hotels where usually carpets need to be accessible for use 24 hours a day round the clock.

Dry cleaning of carpets is the only procedure that is suitable for carpets that are made from coir, jute and sea grass flooring. If this range of carpets is subjected to wet wash these are likely to suffer shrinkage, discolouration and damage to the fibres and thus cannot be cleaned with any ,liquid saturation method and dry cleaning is the only ideal option.

Carpet Shampooing

Trained and experienced carpet cleaning professionals working at the renowned VIP carpet cleaning London explain this method is actually nothing but hot water extraction. It is important to note that conventional carpet shampooing method does not have the identical effects as hot water extraction. The conventional method makes use of rotating brush which may bring about irreversible damage to the fibres of a carpet. Moreover if the procedure is not conducted by trained and skilled professionals it leaves residues on your carpet.